Ka’Hanna Wellness

Calm is different for everyone, it can look and feel different, for some it comes easy and others it may take more work. We at Ka’Hanna Wellness believe finding the calm is a constant journey with moments when the feeling of calm may wash over us and those we work with. We strive to make the journey clear and enjoyable through a variety of strategies including movement.

This is meant to be a resource for occupational therapy, physical therapy, mental health practitioners, classroom teachers, yoga teachers, professionals, parents, and others in the community to use with individuals who can be found seeking and/or avoiding movement activities. Yoga and other strategies shouldn’t be a box, but tools to help these individuals. Each body is unique, so each practice should be unique. We want everyone to have the tools to help the individuals within an environment and skill set.

Additional therapy services may be needed, refer out as necessary.