About Us


I have been an occupational therapist for almost 4 years, and have worked with children in other areas for over 10 years.

When I was 15 I was diagnosed with Enteropathic Spondyloarthropathy a form of arthritis that attacks my ligaments and tendons on the right side of my body. I have been practicing yoga for 7 years in order to work on my own mental health and promote my physical health. Having arthritis can exacerbate pains, frustrations, and sensory processing difficulties. I am a big seeker of proprioceptive, oral, and tactile inputs I avoid vestibular input. Often when I am in a flare I feel like I am spinning and off balance. I have found yoga useful to strengthen my muscles in a gentle way as well as a way to help me feel centered, and decrease some of the sensory issues I face in my own life.

I have had many “moments” in yoga where I realize my calling. Mostly in the forms of decreasing stress, healing past traumas, and releasing tension I may not realize I even have.

When I started yoga I always believed it would be so beneficial for children with sensory difficulties, mental health issues, as well as physical difficulties. After getting certified in Yoga Calm® I believe it is not only helpful for these children, but all children with differing abilities.


When I was in school to become an occupational therapist at noon everyday my friends and I would attend a yoga class put on by another student. We used it as a way to decompress after stressful classes and coursework. It wasn’t until later that my friend from preschool, Katie, introduced me to Yoga Calm ®. I began to see the connection between yoga and regulation that I could use with my clients.

For a long time in the clinic we had been using the poses to practice things like balance, control, and to help increase core strength. After taking some Yoga Calm® classes I realized how much deeper I could be taking the poses using specific language and breathing strategies.  I am still on the journey to becoming a certified Yoga Calm® instructor, but I am very excited to continue to add these strategies into my practice.