Meddy Teddy Monday


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the stuff you need to accomplish in your day? Sometimes I write myself lists, but those lists make feel so overwhelmed that I “lose” my list and watch Netflix for hours on end.

A better way to help yourself feel not so overwhelmed?

Mountain Pose.

You can literally do this pose anywhere you are standing (still-preferably), like the grocery store line!

Plant your feet firmly on the ground, take a pause to sink into your feet and feel all parts of your foot on the ground. Imagine picking up marbles with your toes to add in some nice tension feet, then soften your toes and feet and let them melt into the ground. Next focus on your hips, make sure they are over your knees and ankles, and that you have a slight bend to your knees. Allow your shoulders to press towards the floor away from your ears, do not force your shoulders down if you have been sitting with a forward posture all day, allow your shoulders to move as they are able. Take in three deep breaths and know that you are grounded and strong and can make it through your list.

In this pose you have just been working on postural stability, body awareness, increasing sensory input to the proprioceptive system, and attempting to calm the vestibular system by remaining still. When individuals are overstimulated and/or overwhelmed the proprioceptive system is an OT’s go to in order to regulate the whole body, as proprioceptive input has been found to be the most effective for calming.

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April is OT month!

We’ve been busy writing away on all things OT and yoga. We have forgotten to say Happy Occupational Therapy Month to all of our fellow occupational therapists and their clients! Over the last month we have been working with 1000-petals to continue identifying the sensory systems used in the yoga poses included in their move mindfully card deck.

We have been working with Kathy and Stephanie from 1000-petals to incorporate a portion into their newsletter where readers can ask an OT a question they have regarding their yoga practices.  Kathy and Stephanie have graciously accepted our offer and as we work to fine tune details. Are there any burning questions you all have to ask an occupational therapist?

Here are a few links of blog posts related to OT, sensory, and yoga.


Hello, world

Thank you for visiting Ka’Hanna Wellness! We are two occupational therapists who work primarily with children presenting with sensory processing difficulties. In our sessions we have found yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation strategies to be helpful with dysregulated individuals. Although this is not the only intervention strategy we use, we find it to be fulfilling for our clients and their families, and it makes for inclusive home programming.

We are branching out from our work in the clinic to utilize our skill set in order to identify the underlying causes of difficulties individuals may have in yoga practices. As occupational therapists we frequently modify activities to meet the needs of the individual in a just right challenge. This challenge is unique to everyone, which is why we focus on the underlying cause of dysfunction.

This project started as a question in a coffee shop and has become a much bigger endeavor than we had anticipated. We are so grateful for all of the inspiration and encouragement we have received, especially from 1000-petals. We are so excited to share what we have learned, and we hope the information will be beneficial to the greater community. Stay tuned, we are just starting to chip away at the surface.